Sustainiac Pickup

Sustainiac Pickup


Infinity Pickups And Sustainers

Would you like your guitar to produce infinite sustain? Look no further than the Infinity Sustainer! This system can hold notes indefinitely in both fundamental and harmonic modes, giving you a wide range of possibilities.
The fundamental mode offers pure and natural sustain, while the harmonic mode creates a more complex and textured sustain adding 3rd 4th and 5th harmonics , allowing you to explore even more tonal territory.

With the Infinity Sustainer, you can keep your notes ringing out with incredible clarity and endless sustain - no more worrying about your sound fading away too quickly. Whether you're into soaring lead lines or ambient soundscapes, Infinity Sustainer is an essential tool for any guitarist looking to take their playing to the next level.

Invest in the Infinity Sustainer and unlock new creative possibilities for your guitar playing today!

Infinite sustain until you switch it off or the battery runs out.


                                Neck Pickup + Infinity Sustainer                                                                           Neck Pickup + Infinity Sustainer                                                                  Neck Pickup + Infinity Sustainer                                        



                             Single Coil Size Infinity Sustainer                                                                             Sealed Pickup + Infinity Sustainer                                                                               HB Pickup + Infinity Sustainer


Infinity Sustain Pickups and Drivers are all individually hand made and tailored to each guitar, they can be made in any style or colour


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Infinity Neck Driver from £150


Infinity Neck Driver with Neck Pickup from £180


Infinity Neck Driver with Neck & Bridge Pickup from £220

Our Infinity sustain systems are engineered to give you controllable, feedback sustain every time. The feedback sustain that you get with Infinity is much more intense and predictable than you get from your amplifier. The system generates a magnetic field causing the strings of the guitar to vibrate. Powered by a 9-Volt battery, the interaction of the bridge humbucking pickup , the Infinity Circuit Board & the neck Sustainer Driver pickup , projects magnetic pulses that continuously vibrate the strings of the guitar, the same way an amplifier at extreme volume would do, yet totally controlled!

Our standard system (fundamental mode only)has just one switch for on and off, this is recommended for guitars with small electronics cavities, our Deluxe system (fundamental and harmonic modes) has two switches one for on/off and one shifting from standard sustain to "Harmonic mode"

All prices include Infinity module, pickup, switches and expert fitting.

 Infinty Sustainer Systems are available for expert fitting only, for enquiries mail inquiries@infinitysustainer.com

Infinity Sustain Systems, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, England


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Testing an 80s Cimar guitar fitted with an Infinity Sustainer